What is the characteristic of flocking color leather flocking color leather

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What is a flocking colorleather?Color flocking color leather, flocking leather, is not only a greatcomplement to leather fabric varieties with color and development, but alsoovercome the original leather dyeing without thick not colourful, lost colorproblem and can't timely changes over the market fashion colour such asshortcomings.

The colored suede leather ismade from the base of the original finished leather (after electrostatictreatment), and the length of niveau is 0.1 to 3 mm.With a special glue,through crosslinking reaction, and make a solid formed between, velvet andleather mesh structure, and from the top pile will be "permanent" to"plant" on the leather surface, made of suede nap density per squaremillimeter containing more than 20 root hairs.

The main products of thisproduct are clothing, gloves, bags, shoes and hats, sofa, car seat cushion andother daily necessities.

The characteristic offlocking color leather is:

It is a combination of richand colorful fabrics and leather.Compared with coloured chemical fiber fabric,it is easy to achieve chemical fiber fabrics dyed out all sorts of color, itsare tonal also far better than the color of the chemical fiber fabric softer,more full of stereo feeling and administrative levels feeling, and any chemicalfiber fabric is unable to have only leather peculiar to a variety of biologicalproperties it has;

(2) by the specialelectrostatic treatment, to avoid the confusion caused by electrostatic chargeaccumulation, which widened the application range of leather, especially tomake the car from the lining material, has the luxurious and elegant colors andthe essence of the dermis, and solved the confused people for a long timeaccumulation of electrostatic charge easily lead to accidents;

(3) top surface graft drymilling resistant fastness is strong, big 10000 (gb/t13775), wet fastness isgreater than 150 ℃;

(4)The tensile strength ofthe finished leather is greater than 1 kg per square millimeter (refer tosg334-83).

(5)Apart from its uniquecharacteristics of leather breathable, soft and full, it has its owncharacteristics of washing, cleaning, moisture isolation, noise, flameretardant and so on.The new product is not enough: it is made of leather after"planting" velvet, which gives consumers an illusion that the productis a popular nivela or artificial leather in the 60s and 70s.

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