How to distinguish leather from leather?

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Not long ago,xiaoshan a Mr. Chen to express hotline 85100000 calls, said he bought a leatherjacket, wear body, suspect that it's not real leather, want the curiouslaboratory to help me find a knowledgeable person identification.

Mr. Chen's leatherjacket was bought at a trade fair in xiaoshan last year. The original price wasmore than 1,600 yuan, which was sold at the last day of the fair and sold formore than 500 pieces.The labels on the clothes clearly indicate that the fabricis made of Italian sheepskin.

"I look rightand the pattern is very real.But when I got home, my wife insisted that it wasfake.

Mr. Chen quietlyopened the lining, found a cloth on the back, and decided that he was on hisown.

So, Mr. Chen'sjacket, is it made of genuine leather or synthetic leather?How to distinguishreal leather fake skin?Is fake leather a bad product?Curious lab explores theleather industry's true and true fake.

More than 500 yuanbought leather jacket

The cost ofleather is up to 100 yuan

Curiosity labbrings Mr. Chen's leather jacket to haining jae fur fashion co., LTD., pleasehelp to identify it.

'there are threekinds of leather products on the market now,' said Yang bo, manager of thecompany's fur purchasing department.

"The first isgenuine leather, which is made from the leather of the whole natural animal,made from leather, dyeing, etc.Its characteristic is warm sex, air permeabilityis good, look very qualitative, luxurious high-grade.

"The secondkind is compound skin, also called reborn skin, it is the edge materialproduced in the process of real leather processing, the recycling is broken,and made by hand.In a broad sense, it is also true leather and has some airpermeability, but the quality is very different.

"The thirdkind is synthetic leather, that is, we say at ordinary times' fake leather, itis by chemical method, the structure of the simulation of natural leather,complete a product made of artificial, namely a kind of plastic."

Yang, who touchedthe fabric of Chen's leather jacket, quickly concluded that "PU leather ismade of synthetic leather."

"The cost ofleather goods is huge."According to Yang, the cost of a fall jacket madeof real leather costs between 800 yuan and 1,000 yuan.For PU leather, it isworth 100 yuan or even dozens of yuan.The compound skin is about twice as muchas synthetic leather.

The fire was false

Tip: look at theleather for touch and smell

Yang said, tanningtechnology is more and more advanced now, fake leather almost can do real ones,the average consumer is difficult to distinguish, but also have little trick,can find the difference, sum up is "a see, touch, smell".

So-called"look", is at the time of buying leather, can sift through neck,armpits, interior collar these inconspicuous location, for reasons of cost,manufacturers often use in these places some hobo leather.

Yang said the skinis relatively cheap, and it's soft and different. It's very different.

Touch refers tothe feeling of the hand.The dermis feels more meaty and silky, while theleathery leather is more rigid.

Because of thedifferent leather materials and production techniques, they naturally emitdifferent smells, so they can also tell the truth from "smell".

"The smell isgood, or it's a bit smelly. It's definitely a taste in leather, but it's notfake.""Yang said.

In addition tothese three methods, there is also the rumor that the fire can be used todistinguish: the real skin is not burning, the fake skin will smoke blacksmoke.

Yang said themethod is obsolete, and the process is becoming more and more diverse, andthere are many different kinds of ash from the burning leather.

For Mr. Chen's wayof lining up the lining, Yang believes it is not reliable, because the leathergarment is sometimes lined with cloth to increase the strength.

False skin is notall bad

Market share offurniture and shoe bags

A large proportionis occupied by synthetic leather

If the product ismade of synthetic leather, then it must be a low-end, inferior product.Answer:not necessarily!

According to thetime, synthetic leather can be divided into PVC, PU and ultrafine fiber.Amongthem, PVC is a relatively early technology, commonly known as "artificialleather", is the first generation of synthetic leather, and now it hasbeen phased out.

Nowadays, theapplication is more of PU and ultra - fiber synthetic leather, especially thelatter, the microstructure is very close to the real leather, the appearanceand the physical characteristics and so on, can be compared with the advancednatural leather.

Miss zhang ofjiaxing, a synthetic leather manufacturing company, said that the biggestadvantage of synthetic leather is that it can control its characteristicsartificially.For example, ultrafine synthetic leather, aging resistance,tortuous resistance, yellow mouldy, acid and alkali resistant, waterproof, etc.Can be controlled by process, some even surpass natural leather.

"In dailylife, synthetic leather has gradually replaced natural leather."Ms. Zhangsaid that sofa fabrics, car interiors, shoe bags and so on, these leatherproducts are quite large market share, are taken up by synthetic leather.

Of course,synthetic leather also has disadvantages, air permeability is inferior to realleather.Therefore, for example, clothing and other products that require highpermeability, synthetic leather can not replace real leather completely.

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